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The anaver.se is an open 3D environment where users can load generative assets which are stored on the Tezos blockchain. The concept of generative art entails that each art project yields several versions of a same asset. Once a Generator is available, anyone with a tezos wallet can mint their own unique iteration. Each iteration produces a unique piece that is stored on IPFS and indexed on the Tezos blockchain. The NFTs are are FA2 compliant, which means that they can be exchanged like any other NFT. The anaver.se is an open ecosystem by design. When a collector buys a version of an artist's asset from the artist themselves, they make this new version of the asset instantly available to all users. Minting hence makes the ecosystem richer for everyone. All can load available versions of existing assets, and populate them with structures or 2D assets (like one would hang paintings in a gallery).

Status: ACTIVE