Scaling without compromising decentralization

From single-purpose dApps to entire ecosystems, Smart Rollups make it easier than ever to deploy secure, flexible, and highly scalable blockchain solutions.

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Scaling without compromising decentralization

Smart Rollups are custom Layer 2 solutions, secured by Tezos' Layer 1

Run any program as a rollup and make it verifiable on the Tezos blockchain.

Why Smart Rollups?

Decentralization taken seriously

Smart Rollups are recognized as special entities and supported directly by the Tezos protocol, enabling high decentralization. No need for complex smart contract workarounds, centralized sequencers, or new governance tokens. Private and public deployment modes enable fine-tuning decentralization to match application needs.

Scalable, secure, future-proof

Benefit from a combination of horizontal and vertical scaling to achieve high throughput at reasonable cost on Layer 2, while your rollup is secured by Tezos' Layer 1. See your rollup improve with optimizations and new features, as Smart Rollup architecture evolves with Tezos protocol upgrades.

Flexible and developer-friendly

From open platforms to private app-chains, Smart Rollups enable custom rollup solutions to be built using any programming language that compiles to WASM. Advanced tooling provided by protocol developers makes development simpler and more secure (see our Rust SDK !) Everything is open source - as it should be.

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