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The Tezos gaming portal showcases a wide range of games, offers resources for developers, and is tailored to help players and developers alike to explore the full potential of Tezos gaming.

For Players

Experience true gaming freedom on Tezos-backed games, where you have complete ownership and control over your in-game assets and achievements.

For Players


Builders and players are driven to Tezos for its pioneering, state-of-the-art tools, and platforms.

Commited to gaming & eSports

Tezos is the blockchain of choice for gaming giants Ubisoft and EVE Online, Esports teams Vitality and Misfits, and emerging TCG and metaverse games like Dogami.

An energy-efficient algorithm

Proof-of-stake has only an average energy footprint of 17 global citizens.

Scalable and NFT-ready

Leading choice for NFT fan experiences and marketplaces, including Manchester United and McLaren, due to low minting costs enabling widely accessible NFTs.

Seamlessly, forklessly, endlessly upgradeable

Incorporate the latest innovations through a proven on-chain upgrade mechanism. Rely on consistent quarterly upgrades without the pitfalls of forking.

True decentralization

Active community governance and participation empowers collaborative innovation.

Institutional grade security

Safety and code correctness by leveraging the Michelson programming language, commonly used in the nuclear, aerospace, and semiconductor industry.

Discover resources

Ready to explore our gaming ecosystem? Click below to dive in! Players, head over to our game selection. Developers, check out our tools in the developer section and start building on Tezos today.

Join the community

Join the community

Join the community to connect with other Tezos gamers, developers, and enthusiasts. Share your thoughts on the latest games, get help, build games together, and meet new people to play with!

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