How to get tez & start using the Tezos blockchain

Tezos is a decentralized blockchain network with a native cryptocurency known as tez. Tez (XTZ) is used to interact with dApps, pay for fees, secure the network through staking, and provide a basic accounting unit on the Tezos platform.

Step 1

Create a Tezos Wallet

To hold your tez (XTZ) you’ll need a Tezos wallet. A wallet lets you manage your digital assets and seamlessly connect with experiences and apps on Tezos.There are many wallet providers to choose from–some, like Kukai, allow easy wallet creation with your social login.

One-click Wallet via Kukai Social Login

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Step 2

Buying tez on Exchanges

Tez is available on most major cryptocurrency exchanges under the symbol XTZ. Below are some of the most popular exchanges where you can buy tez.