12 TO 13 APRIL 2023 | NEW YORK, USA

Network, motivate, and be inspired.

Join us at the Tezos NFT Summit, a dynamic gathering of creatives, innovators, and enthusiasts at the intersection of artistic inspiration, community networking and developer innovation. You can expect two days of fun and interactive talks, workshops, portfolio reviews as well as various activations by Tezos NFT projects and much more. Register today to join the conversation and discover what the future of NFTs could look like.



Music Competition

Blockchain technology allows musicians around the globe to showcase and sell their creative content - whether a full song, a baseline or a collaboration, music on the blockchain allows every creator to thrive. Enter now to submit your creative content.

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PFP Competition

The most important Profile Picture (PFP) projects center around community. Separate to the visual avatars, PFP initiatives have the power to drive change. Enter this competition now to submit your community building PFP project.

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Generative Art Competition

The historical medium of generative art has found new life with blockchain technology. The medium has driven innovation and inspired a new generation of collectors to acquire generative, code-based art. Enter now to submit your generative art project.

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Judging Panel

Workshops & Talks

Portfolio Reviews Workshops (IRL)

Budding artists will have a chance to ask questions and get feedback from established artists and art experts in an informal setting.

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Music at the Tezos NFT Summit curated by Shokunin, founder of and Summit Panelist.

Keynote Speaker

Arthur Breitman, co-founder of Tezos will speak about the future of the Tezos blockchain and its community.

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Speaker Program

Hear from distinguished voices in the Tezos ecosystem about their current projects and future plans. Speakers include Mason Edwards, CCO of the Tezos Foundation, Kaloh, Generative Art thought leader and writer, Brian McAlister, co-founder of, Paul Schmidt, Growth fx(hash), and Sasha Stiles, poet and artist.

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Join the conversation

The Tezos NFT Summit aims to bring together voices from across blockchain ecosystems. Join this event and be a part of the conversation about building the future of NFTs and Web3 on Tezos and beyond.

Celebrate the global Tezos ecosystem

Tezos is a truly global blockchain with a vast, diverse network of artists and collectors. See how the Tezos community of creators and innovators come together to build this ecosystem.

Learn, connect, grow

Discover the activations and workshops, such as the portfolio reviews where budding artists will have a chance to ask questions and get feedback from established artists and art experts.

Network, motivate, and be inspired

Opportunities to network with the top artistic minds in the Tezos NFT community and beyond during workshops, talks, and reception on the 12th, all hosted at the beautiful Spring Studios in Manhattan.


Spring Studios

Studio 4 & 5 <br> 50 Varick St <br> New York, NY 10013 <br> United States

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