How to mint an NFT on the Tezos blockchain

Artists are driven to Tezos for its pioneering, state-of-the-art tools, and range of creative NFT platforms.

The Tezos community is reshaping the creative landscape of digital art. Collectors and fans have purchased millions of works from top-tier artists on Tezos-based marketplaces, and it is the only blockchain with a presence at major global art fairs, such as Art Basel and Venice Biennale.

It all begins with choosing a platform

Digital marketplace platforms like fx(hash), and Teia allow artists to turn their digital assets into NFTs through a process called minting. Some are specialized in code-based generative art, while others are hubs for creative photography, animation and many other digital mediums.

Here are tutorials for three popular platforms and marketplaces to help you get started:

Here are tutorials for three popular platforms and marketplaces to help you get started:



fx(hash) is a generative art platform for artists to upload algorithms to create code-based art.


Open-source tooling

OBJKT is an aggregator marketplace that allows artists to collaborate and curates hidden gems on the platform every day.





Teia is an open-source NFT platform maintained by a community of Tezos artists.



You’re going to need a wallet

Tezos wallets are funded with tez, the native cryptocurrency of the Tezos blockchain. Each transaction requires a small amount of tez in order to interact with the blockchain. Tezos is known for low transaction fees to mint, collect, and store digital assets.

Crypto Wallet

Tezos wallets

Create a wallet

Get to know the Tezos art community

Watch the videos below for insights from leading voices in the Tezos art community.

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