Tezos Developer Portal

Welcome to the Tezos Developer Portal, your starting point for developing the future of Web3 on Tezos. Find the education, tools, resources, and community you need to start building in the ecosystem.

To dive in and explore the technical and economic concepts behind Tezos, experiment with in-depth tutorials, or build a dapp step-by-step, visit OpenTezos.

Resources for building a dapp

Find the resources and building blocks you need to build a decentralized application with Tezos, and be a part of the growing ecosystem of teams reimagining everything from art to finance.

Building smart contracts

Dapps operate by executing commands written in a smart contract. Check out the following resources for learning all about smart contracts and how they work.

Building blocks of a dapp

Dapps often combine several functions integrated together. Here are the building blocks you can use to start building your dapp.

Discover the languages of Tezos

Smart contracts on Tezos can be programmed using familiar, developer-friendly languages. All features available on Tezos can be written in any of the high-level languages used to write smart contracts, such as Archetype, LIGO, and SmartPy. These languages all compile down to Michelson and you can switch between languages based on your preferences and projects.

Join the community

Connect with the Tezos developer community and start building the future of Web3.

See what others are building

If you’d like to learn about developing the core protocol or participating in Tezos governance by running a node, visit these pages.

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