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Tezos Developer Portal

Developer Support Channels:


1. Hello World

Very Basic Introductory Materials

2. Write a Smart Contract

Write smart contracts in your choice of syntax. Code will compile to Michelson, the smart contract language of the Tezos blockchain.

3. Use a Library

Use a library to integrate Tezos with your application.

4. Explore the Blockchain

Use a block explorer to analyze the Tezos blockchain.


Core Infrastructure


Online Training Courses and Educational Resources

  • Sol2Ligo handbook: Learn Ligo and write Tezos smart contracts with the interactive tool. Convert your Solidity contracts to Ligo easily.
  • Blockmatics SmartPy Developer Course: Blockmatics’ SmartPy Developer Course teaches the basics of SmartPy and the SmartPy IDE.
  • Cryptoverse Wars (SmartPy): Cryptoverse Wars is a fun interactive code school developed by BUIDL Labs that teaches developers how to write smart contracts in SmartPy.
  • Tezos Academy (LIGO): Tezos Academy is a fun interactive tutorial developed by OCTO Technology on how to code smart contracts in LIGO.
  • Tezos Training at Nomadic Labs: After running successfully through all the steps of this training session, you will be able to run a Tezos node (test network/sandboxed), use the Michelson emacs mode, and compile pieces of code in both LIGO and SmartPy.
  • TQ Digital Assets Portal: This documentation aims to help developers streamline the implementation, integration, and use of digital assets on Tezos.
  • Getting Started with LIGO: These tutorials by Claude Barde walk-through how to create smart contracts on the Tezos blockchain using the LIGO language.
  • Cryptonomic Developer Portal: Cryptonomic’s tech stack makes it easy to develop and deploy Tezos applications.
  • An Introduction to Michelson: These tutorials by Claude Barde walk-through how to use the Michelson programming language and write smart contracts on Tezos.
  • Michelson Labs: Series of Jupyter notebooks for learning the Tezos native contract language.
  • PyTezos Labs: Series of Jupyter notebooks for learning Tezos internals with Python.
  • CoinList-Tezos Hackathon Workshops: Online workshops from the development teams of tools such as Truffle, Magic, SmartPy, LIGO, and more.
  • Tezos Developer Documentation: A complete Tezos documentation resource for developers.
  • TezEdge Tezos documentation: A documentation resource by the TezEdge team.
  • TQ Tezos Wiki: A Tezos wiki by the TQ Tezos team. Learn about Tezos basics, proof-of-stake in Tezos, governance, smart contracts, and more.