Tezos Developer Portal

The Tezos Developer Portal is a place to get started and learn about Tezos. It also aims to answer the frequently asked questions about the Tezos protocol & the Tezos ecosystem.

Developer Support Channels:

Developer mailing list

1. Hello World

Very Basic Introductory Materials

2. Write a Smart Contract

Write smart contracts in your choice of syntax. Code will compile to Michelson, the smart contract language of the Tezos blockchain.

3. Use a Library

Use a library to integrate Tezos with your application.

4. Explore the Blockchain

Use a block explorer to analyze the Tezos blockchain.


SmartPy IDE

Online editor to write smart contracts in SmartPy


Online editor to write smart contracts in LIGO

sol2ligo Transpiler

Tool to migrate Solidity smart contracts to LIGO


Tool to manage Tezos environments (sandboxes and public nodes)

Michelson - IntelliJ

Michelson Plugin for IntelliJ

Michelson Emacs Mode

Michelson Plugin for Emacs


Tezos Development Toolkit


Development environment, testing framework, and asset pipeline.


Testing tool for Tezos

Testnet Faucet

Faucet for a Tezos testnet

Mainnet Faucet

Faucet for the Tezos Mainnet

Testnet Faucet Bot

Telegram Faucet Bot for Tezos testnets

Tezos Giga Node

Reliable and geographically distributed Tezos public node infrastructure


GraphQL API to the Tezos Node RPC

Nautilus Cloud

A full suite of tools to develop and deploy Tezos applications

Tezos DataHub

Reliable API access to the Tezos network

Online Training Courses and Educational Resources

Sol2Ligo handbook

Learn Ligo and write Tezos smart contracts with the interactive tool. Convert your Solidity contracts to Ligo easily.

Blockmatics SmartPy Developer Course

Blockmatics’ SmartPy Developer Course teaches the basics of SmartPy and the SmartPy IDE.

Cryptoverse Wars (SmartPy)

Cryptoverse Wars is a fun interactive code school developed by BUIDL Labs that teaches developers how to write smart contracts in SmartPy.

B9 Lab Tezos Developer Portal

The Tezos Developer Portal is the perfect place to discover all there is to Tezos: its architecture and ecosystem, deploying smart contracts, and setting up and working with clients.

Tezos Academy (LIGO)

Tezos Academy is a fun interactive tutorial developed by OCTO Technology on how to code smart contracts in LIGO.

TQ Digital Assets Portal

This documentation aims to help developers streamline the implementation, integration, and use of digital assets on Tezos.

Getting Started with LIGO

These tutorials by Claude Barde walk-through how to create smart contracts on the Tezos blockchain using the LIGO language.

Cryptonomic Developer Portal

Cryptonomic’s tech stack makes it easy to develop and deploy Tezos applications.

An Introduction to Michelson

These tutorials by Claude Barde walk-through how to use the Michelson programming language and write smart contracts on Tezos.

Michelson Labs

Series of Jupyter notebooks for learning the Tezos native contract language.

PyTezos Labs

Series of Jupyter notebooks for learning Tezos internals with Python.

CoinList-Tezos Hackathon Workshops

Online workshops from the development teams of tools such as Truffle, Magic, SmartPy, LIGO, and more.

Tezos Developer Documentation

A complete Tezos documentation resource for developers.

TezEdge Tezos Documentation

A documentation resource by the TezEdge team.

TQ Tezos Wiki

A Tezos wiki by the TQ Tezos team. Learn about Tezos basics, proof-of-stake in Tezos, governance, smart contracts, and more.