Ready to get started with NFTs? It all starts with a wallet.

Think of a digital wallet as the home for your NFT—it's where you can securely store and easily access your digital collectibles. Follow the instructions below to get started:


Open your wallet

There are many wallets on Tezos. If you already have a wallet, you can skip this step. If not, you'll need to create one first.

A quick way to do that is by logging in with your Google, Reddit, Twitter, or Facebook account in the Kukai wallet. And voila! You have just opened your Tezos wallet.


Browse NFT Marketplaces

Did you know that Tezos is home to one of the fastest growing NFT artist communities? NFT marketplaces like Objkt and Kalamint*, which are built on Tezos, are attracting talented artists from all around the world. Go see what the buzz is all about.

Visit Objkt
Visit Kalamint

* Note: There are many NFTs in the marketplaces that have a cost. While some NFTs do not have a sale price, there is a small operation cost that requires you to have tez balance in your Tezos wallet in order to be able to collect an NFT.


NFTs can be created, sold, and collected in marketplaces on Tezos. Explore some of the more popular ones: