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A blockchain to build, play & collect on.

The already sizable Tezos ecosystem is growing faster than ever. See how some of the world's biggest brands, and most innovative creatives, are building their futures on Tezos.

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What's Tezos

Tezos is an energy-efficient blockchain where developers, artists, entrepreneurs, brands, and others from around the world build and engage with a network of decentralized applications. Tezos' modular architecture allows for seamless, community-determined upgrades that deploy new advancements to fuel the next round of innovation. See for yourself what makes Tezos stand out as part of humanity’s digital future.


Developers around the world are using Tezos to build the foundations of a decentralized network and true digital commonwealth—from applications that break the status quo to rethinking what's possible in art, finance, identity, ownership, and more.


Dimensionalizing playtime—discover how the classic games you love (like trading card games and puzzles, to name a few) are being reimagined on Tezos to create utterly revolutionary experiences; alternatively, you can journey through a wide ecosystem full of unique digital applications that opens up a whole new world to explore!


NFT marketplaces on Tezos have created unprecedented opportunities for creators and collectors. Fans of Formula 1 racing, transcendent art, music, comic books, and more, can experience the joy of collecting in an all-new, practical, and energy-efficient way!

Explore NFT Marketplaces

Leading the way with its own unique style, explore one of the largest eco-friendly NFT marketplaces for creators, artists, and collectors.

Create, sell, and collect eco-friendly NFTs in one of the first community-owned marketplaces on Tezos.

Drawing from many different Tezos applications, utilize this massive NFT marketplace to browse through thousands of unique creations.

Discover NFT-Powered Entertainment

From the first-ever NFT comic to revolutionary new ways to play trading card games, InterPop is forging the future of digital fandom.

OneOf is a music-focused, eco-friendly NFT platform connecting fans and collectors at all levels with their favorite artists.

The Evolution of Gaming

The Emergents TCG is a revolutionary take on traditional collectible card games. It embraces digital ownership and the unique possibilities through NFTs, so you can own the cards you want to play. Coming soon.

Pull up a chair and test your skills for cryptocurrency on the first-ever eSports skill-based platform. The premier game, Solitaire Square-Off, brings a head-to-head twist on the single player card classic.

Dive into a whole new virtual world created by; claim land and produce tokenized resources in this Blockchain Space Adventure that allows you to become king or conqueror.

Welcome to the Future of Blockchain

Looking to dive into the world of blockchain development? Tezos has numerous developer tools and resources to help you get started.

Developers, businesses, artists, and everyday users around the world are working together to build the digital commonwealth. Come join the global Tezos community.

Are you interested in applications that weren’t included on here? Are you ready to dive deeper into the Tezos ecosystem? Take a closer look at a global network of unique applications.