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What's Tezos?

Evolutionary, revolutionary, and everything in-between.

Institutional Grade Security.

Tezos is designed to provide the safety and code correctness required for assets and other high value use cases at both the protocol and application layers by leveraging languages OCaml and Michelson, which facilitate formal verification, a practice commonly used in mission-critical industries, spanning from nuclear and aerospace to semiconductor and others.

Governance by the People.

The Tezos platform was built with mechanisms to ensure active community governance and participation. Users can actively participate by evaluating, proposing, or approving amendments to Tezos. This design empowers the type of collaborative innovation that keeps Tezos on the bleeding edge of technology.

An Energy-Efficient Algorithm.

Unlike Proof-of-Work blockchains like Bitcoin or Ethereum, Tezos’ Proof-of-Stake requires significantly less energy and cost to operate, making it an ideal alternative platform for building blockchain applications that are eco-friendly.

Smarter Smart Contracts.

Tezos is one of the leading smart contracts Proof of Stake blockchains. Tezos smart contracts can use formal verification, allowing them to be mathematically verified, reliable, and secure.

Seamlessly, Forklessly, Endlessly Upgradeable.

Tezos is built to adjust, adapt, and add features and functionality through its proven on-chain upgrade mechanism.

Powerfully Scalable.

Tezos is built to remain state-of-the-art. Its modular architecture and formal upgrade mechanism minimizes disruptions while offering regular upgradability and enhanced functionality over time.

Meet Tezos

Smart Contracts.

Smart Governance.

Smart Design.

Tezos is an open-source platform that addresses key barriers facing blockchain adoption for assets and applications backed by a global community of validators, researchers, and builders. By design, Tezos embraces long-term upgradability, open participation, collaboration, and smart contract safety.

Upgrade Timeline

A community governed,

ever-evolving technological vision.

Tezos continuously adds the latest innovation, seamlessly leveling up to deliver novel and new capabilities within the space through its upgrade mechanism. See how far we’ve come and help us imagine where Tezos will go in the future.

Upcoming Protocol Upgrade

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August 2021


Introduced Liquidity Baking, which mints a small amount of tez every block and deposits it inside of a constant product market making smart-contract. This incentivizes large amounts of decentralized liquidity between tez and tzBTC. Included several improvements that led to a 3-6x decrease in gas consumption of popular contracts.

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May 2021


Doubled maximum size of operations, which more than doubled the maximum size of smart contracts. Furthered gas optimizations as well as sped up gas arithmetic by a factor of ten. Enabled more intuitive smart contract development by adopting depth-first execution order. Deactivated unused Test Chain in the Economic Protocol, resulting in more streamlined amendment process.

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Feb 2021


Added Sapling and BLS12-381 to enable privacy-preserving smart contracts and tickets for native permissions. Updated amendment process by lowering period length to 5 cycles and adding a 5th Adoption Period.

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Sep 2020


Improved gas costs. Reduced storage costs by a factor of 4 to reflect improvements in the underlying storage layer.

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Mar 2020


Increased gas limit per block and per operation; improved the accuracy and resiliency of the formula used for calculating baking and endorsing rewards.

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Oct 2019


Introduced a more robust version of the blockchain’s consensus algorithm (Emmy+); simplified smart contract development; refined the delegation process.

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May 2019


Increased gas limit per block and reduced the roll size from 10,000 ꜩ to 8,000 ꜩ

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Tezos is the product of many organizations across the globe working together on an open-source project. Don’t see the perfect role for you but want to work on Tezos? Reach out to the Work on Tezos mailbox - include your resume, what you’re looking for, and why you’re excited to work on Tezos. Resumes are shared with a number of organizations in the Tezos ecosystem.

Note: Listings are provided by each team separately. If you are an organization in the Tezos ecosystem that is hiring and interested in listing your open roles here, please email the Work on Tezos mailbox.

Latest News

Catch the latest news from around the Tezos ecosystem, from exciting partnerships to insightful and educational articles about the technology that makes Tezos truly special.

Tezos Afrikathon Launches for 2021

Tezos Afrikathon Launches for 2021

19 November 2021

Tezos Afrikathon is a two-week event focused around building innovative applications on Tezos.

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Gitcoin Launches "Game On! Tezos" Hackathon

Gitcoin Launches "Game On! Tezos" Hackathon

18 Novemeber 2021

The "Game On! Tezos" hackathon will focus on blockchain gaming and provide $200,000 worth of total prizes in tez.

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Entrepeneur First Launches Web3 Startup Programme for Tezos

Entrepeneur First Launches Web3 Startup Programme for Tezos

15 November 2021

Entrepreneur First (EF), an accelerator-come-company builder, is utilizing Tezos to attract new potential founders to Web3.

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New Cambridge-built Carbon Credit Marketplace on Tezos

New Cambridge-built Carbon Credit Marketplace on Tezos

10 November 2021

A new Cambridge centre will bring together computer scientists and conservation scientists to build a trusted marketplace for carbon credits and support global reforestation efforts - on Tezos.

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Art Basel to Host First 'Interactive' NFT Exhibition Via Tezos

Art Basel to Host First 'Interactive' NFT Exhibition Via Tezos

09 November 2021

Art Basel in Miami Beach (ABMB, 2-4 December) will for the first time host an "interactive" exhibition of NFTs - all on Tezos.

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