TezAsia Hackathon

TezAsia Hackathon

About the Hackathon


2 Jul - 9 Aug 2022


Tezos Asia



TEZASIA HACKATHON is a month-long hackathon organized by Tezos Asia with the goal of promoting and making Tezos blockchain more accessible to the general public. This Hackathon will help our developers from various colleges and universities learn and build in the Tezos Blockchain, as well as introduce them to the Tezos ecosystem. We are providing a chance for all our DEV-HEADS who are with a competitive streak to showcase their tier one game and also get a chance to win hefty cash prizes.This hackathon is open to ALL - newcomers, advanced coders, students, working professionals, blockchain enthusiasts, and others. This is your one-size-fits-all moment to enter & contribute to the Tezos ecosystem. TEZASIA Hackathon aims to build an innovation-driven culture by solving real-world challenges. Showcase your skills at our hackathon and win amazing prizes worth $50k+, grants upto $50k+ and an opportunity to get hired and work with the best existing dapps & Tezos entities in the ecosystem.

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