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World, meet the Tezos blockchain. Imagine what you can do.*

* Or build, explore, play, collect, preserve.

You've probably heard about blockchains and NFTs.

Maybe you’re starting to explore cryptocurrency. Chances are, you'll interact with this technology without even realizing it. Right now — this very minute — artists, conservationists, entrepreneurs, collectors, game developers, comic book fans, people who want to move value across the world without roadblocks — people like you — are imagining how to build, create, and use Tezos in new and unexpected ways. Let these stories serve as a starting point as you explore how people are re-imagining the world around you on Tezos.

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From smart money to NFTs, keep in touch with the latest advancements on Tezos.

People around the world are contributing to the growth of the Tezos ecosystem.