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State of the Art - Presented by Tezos

New platforms, techniques and forums continue to transform the curation, ownership and display of works of art. Tune in to the Paris+ par Art Basel live stream and explore how generative artists are leading this constant evolution.

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Tezos x Paris+ par Art Basel Oct 19-23

Bal de la Marine, 4 Port de Suffren 75007, Paris

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Social Movements In Art Are On-Chain


Permanent Art Collections In The Blockchain Age


The Evolution of Generative Art


The Rise of A New On-Chain Cultural Economy


Creating and Collecting Art for the Planet


Curating Digital Art and Blockchain Art


Speakers (42)


Generative Artist

Adam Lindemann



Generative Artist

Alex Estorick

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Alfred Weidinger

Director, Francisco Carolinum Linz

Alison Moss

Journalist, Le Quotidien de l'Art

Anbar El Mokri

Curatorial Assistant, RefractionDAO

Ania Catherine


Anika Meier


Baptiste Crespy

Founder, fx(hash)

Brian Beccafico

Arthemort, NFT Specialist, Sothebys

Carlota Dochao Naveira


Christiane Paul

Digital Art curator, Whitney Museum of Art

Dejha Ti


Diane Drubay

TZ Connect

Dr Lev Manovich

Eliza SJ

Frances Liddell

Frédéric Laffy

Founder, Art Consortium

Hermine Bourdin

Artist (sculpture)

Inès Leonarduzzi

Founder, Nelie+

Jean-Michel Pailhon

Chief of Staff, Ledger

Jesse Damiani


Joanie Lemercier


Jodouin Mitrani

Co-Founder, Minteed

John Gerrard


Julie Walsh

Independent Curator of Digital Art

Kalen Iwamoto

TheVerseVerse (poetry)

Kristina Leipold

Commercial Director, Light Art Space Foundation

Leila Khazaneh

Founder, Metaverse Advisors

Marissa Trew


Michel Nerval (u2p050)

Hugo Du Plessix

Michelle Brown

New Media Artist

Roei Amit

Director, Grand Palais Immersif

Sabine Himmelsbach

Director, HEK - Haus der Elektronischen Künste

Sarisa Kojima

Sebastien Heimann

Founder, The Good Society

Sylvain Levy

Co-founder, DSL Collection

Tamar Clarke-Brown

Curator, Serpentine Galleries

Valerie Hasson-Benillouche

Founder, Galerie Charlot

Valerie Whitacre


Vincenzo de Bellis

Director, Fairs and Exhibition Platforms


Generative Artist

Adam Lindemann


  • Vincenzo de Bellis
  • Zancan
  • Adam Lindemann
  • Agoria
  • Alex Estorick
  • Alfred Weidinger
  • Alison Moss
  • Anbar El Mokri
  • Ania Catherine
  • Anika Meier
  • Baptiste Crespy
  • Brian Beccafico
  • Carlota Dochao Naveira
  • Christiane Paul
  • Dejha Ti
  • Diane Drubay
  • Dr Lev Manovich
  • Eliza SJ
  • Frances Liddell
  • Frédéric Laffy
  • Hermine Bourdin
  • Inès Leonarduzzi
  • Jean-Michel Pailhon
  • Jesse Damiani
  • Joanie Lemercier
  • Jodouin Mitrani
  • John Gerrard
  • Julie Walsh
  • Kalen Iwamoto
  • Kristina Leipold
  • Leila Khazaneh
  • Marissa Trew
  • Michel Nerval (u2p050)
  • Michelle Brown
  • Roei Amit
  • Sabine Himmelsbach
  • Sarisa Kojima
  • Sebastien Heimann
  • Sylvain Levy
  • Tamar Clarke-Brown
  • Valerie Hasson-Benillouche
  • Valerie Whitacre
  • Vincenzo de Bellis
  • Zancan
  • Adam Lindemann
  • Agoria
  • Alex Estorick
  • Alfred Weidinger
  • Alison Moss
  • Anbar El Mokri
  • Ania Catherine
  • Anika Meier

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