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Fundraiser Contributions


How To Get Started


Check Your Contribution

Click on the “Check Your Contribution” button below to check the recommended allocation of a given public key hash. Contributors may find their public key hashes on the PDF documents they created during the Tezos Foundation’s fundraiser.

Check Your Contribution

Obtain Your Activation Code

Activation codes are required to access the recommended allocations of the corresponding public key hashes. In order to obtain these codes, contributors must complete the Foundation’s Know Your Customer / Anti-Money Laundering (“KYC/AML”) process. Contributors who have not completed this process may do so now.


Activate and Access Your Recommended Allocation

Recommended allocations from the fundraiser must be activated before they can be accessed. A contributor may activate the recommended allocation of a given public key hash by using the Activation Tool. This tool may also reveal the blinded key of the given public key hash. Blinded keys, not public key hashes, are the keys that appear in the genesis block proposed by the Foundation, which may be found here.

Holding Tezos tokens ("tez") allows one to interact with the Tezos blockchain. Contributors may access and manage their recommended allocations using the command line client. This will require entering the private key information (a fifteen-word mnemonic, and the email address and password used during the fundraiser) of a public key hash. Every user should make sure to exercise extreme care and take all available safety precautions when entering private key information anywhere. Any party or software, such as a wallet, that gains knowledge of private key information will have access to the tez controlled by the corresponding public key hash. Always think twice before entering private key information anywhere.

Activation Tool